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  1. ABA Conference on the Resolution of CIS-related Business Disputes
    Moscow,18 September 2015

    Katerina Haslam-Jones was a co-moderator of a panel of speakers at the Seventh Annual ABA Conference on the Resolution of CIS-related Business Disputes held at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow on 18 September 2015.

    The conference was hosted by the Section of International Law of the American Bar Association and focused on current topics and challenges facing legal practitioners in Russia and those working on Russia related matters across the globe.

    Among the issues covered were the practical implications of EU-U.S. sanctions for dispute resolution lawyers and their clients; the impact of sanctions on the arbitral seat and rules; the “de-offshorisation” of Russia-related disputes; and changes in Russian bankruptcy legislation and court practice in the shadow of the economic crisis.

    Katerina Haslam-Jones spoke at the panel discussion “Do recent developments challenge the primacy of English law?  If not English law, then what?”  The panel discussed if the challenge to English law as a prime choice for law governing contracts is real, and, to the extent it exists, whether it is caused by sanctions-related issues and is therefore of temporary effect, or by longer-term factors (such as de-offshorisation and changes to the Russian Civil Code).  Also, in so far as alternatives to English law are being considered, the panel discussed the practical alternatives.

    The conference was well attended, and speakers included distinguished lawyers with significant experience in dispute resolution, as well as representatives of prominent arbitration bodies, including the Vienna International Arbitral Centre and the International Arbitration Centre.  The closing keynote speech was delivered by Veniamin Yakovlev, former Chairman of the High Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court.