Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure

We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in infrastructure projects, particularly in the transport sector. Our lawyers have worked on some of the largest and most complex Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) transactions in the UK as well as having reviewed or worked on a number of projects in Western Europe covering rail, roads and alternative energy.  Our lawyers’ experience of funding projects in Eastern Europe is extensive.

We advise our clients on structuring projects.  We also assist them in accessing specialist advisers, such as technical and financial advisers, as well as funders and potential commercial partners, such as construction companies.

We provide advice on the most advantageous procurement methods and on drafting and negotiating the construction documentation.

We resolve all types of construction disputes and in all forums, including courts of competent jurisdiction, arbitration, adjudication, mediation and other dispute resolution proceedings. We achieve success for our clients by implementing dispute resolution strategies that achieve their goals in the fastest, most effective and most cost-efficient manner possible.

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