Padva, Haslam-Jones & Partners LLP is a growing firm. We are excited by the challenges that are posed by our clients and contacts and we therefore strive to recruit and retain commercially minded, talented and enthusiastic individuals who are motivated to deliver the highest levels of service and solutions to our clients.

The key asset of any organisation is its people and in this respect we are no different. We seek to recruit the highest calibre personnel across all areas of our business and are therefore always keen to receive speculative applications.

We may be smaller in size than other law firms but our systems and procedures are driven by a desire to provide our clients with the best possible service levels and results.

Our broad range of practice areas and strong client base mean we can offer challenging opportunities to lawyers across a wide variety of specialist areas. Our admin and support departments and secretarial teams play a crucial role in helping to service our clients.

Any recruitment application or enquiry, including those for training contracts, should be emailed to

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